The different winter music

I guess for most people “Last Christmas” by Wham is the first thing they hear each year triggering winter feelings. Sure, that and other classic Christmas music works for me too, but even more so does the soundtrack of the original Donkey Kong Country game for the SNES.

When that game was released in 1994 (and also in the following years with Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3) we had lots of snow from November to March. I still remember vividly how I often came back in after clearing our driveway with my Dad after some heavy snowing and playing those games(borrowed from a friend). For some reason especially the “Aquatic Ambience” theme has burned itself into my memories.

It has become the one song that calms me down and makes me remember snowy winters 😘 And now that all three games are available for the Switch through Nintendo Online I think it’s finally time to play them once more 😁

What’s the first music you associate with winter and snow?