Books of 2020

Last year I managed to read 31 books, totalling in at 10,374 pages. The book with the most pages was “Wanderers” by Chuck Wendig with 782 pages while the shortest one was “The City of Shifting Waters (Valérian and Laureline, #1)” with only 48 pages.

I started the year off with a couple of comics (4 in total) but then went back to focusing on sci-fi (16) and productivity books (4).


Out of these 31 books, I think my favourite one was “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman. Yes, I’m very late to that party but that mix between mystery, mythology is just amazing! And no, I haven’t watched the TV show 🙂

Runner ups were “Wanderers” and “Dogs of War” by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Plans for 2021

In 2021 I once again want to read 30 books. I also want to write more reviews again and in general manage my reading list more actively. I’ll eventually also get to the point where I’ll treat GoodReads just as one more mirror to the data that is shown on my reading list here. GoodRead’s data export is basically a joke and now they’ve also killed their API so I’ll no longer use it as the primary store for “my” books.

Sadly, I haven’t yet found a proper alternative. StoryGraph, ReadNG etc. are nice but simply no real options for me (yet). Perhaps this will change in the future but for now my website will become my primary book collection registry 🙂