Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky

As the last book of 2020 I finished reading Adrian Tchaikovsky’s “Dogs of War” just a couple of hours before the end of the year. In this book from 2017 you follow the story of Rex, a hybrid between human and dog who has been created as a perfect soldier as replacement for robots that went berserk. Together with other so-called “bioforms” he is sent into conflict zones by private military corporations that want to test their latest creations in the field.

But are they just things and property or are they life-forms with rights? Are they responsible for crimes if they are ordered to commit them and have no way not to follow these orders? These and other questions are discussed here.

I just loved the story and the way it was told. Rex’s constant struggle with what it means to be a good dog just went directly to my heart. This was probably the one book of 2020 that I just couldn’t lay down.

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