More Austrian comedy

My first contact with Austrian comedy (“Kabarett”) was back in the 1990s thanks to various parodies of the Olympic Winter Games by Mini Bydlinski. Then I somehow took the wrong turn for me and simply didn’t come across anybody that I really enjoyed listening to until last summer. We started watching various TV broadcasts featuring Alex Kristan and Gery Seidl and I was hooked again.

In October then came my personal highlight: My first visit of a live-performance on a tiny cellar-stage in Vienna where Flüsterzweieck showed an alpha-version of their next show. It was so alpha that they read half of the text from their phones which just added to the flair 😊

But then the next lockdowns happened and I was once again stuck behind a TV set. Luckily, there is now a relatively new streaming service by the ORF focusing on Austrian productions: Flimmit. It’s €39.99 per year (or €3.99 per month) and not only offers local crime-shows but also lots of comedy by, among others, Alex Kristan, Michael Niavarani, Gery Seidl, Viktor Gernot! So far, well worth it!

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