Trump banned from Twitter

So Trump is now finally banned from Twitter with his primary account (after losing his presence on Facebook, Twitch et al.). Naturally, he immediately switched to the @POTUS account (11 more days!) and Twitter immediately blocked some of his tweets there too.

Since that ban more and more people seem to be moving away from Twitter over to Parler in such a way that their servers(?) are overloaded. There are some reports Trump himself might have finally created an account there but fact-checking by Reuters could not confirm this up until 2 days ago.

This whole mass-migration to Parler is probably also going to end rather quickly again since Google has already and Apple is in the process of banning the Parler app from their respective app stores.

In the end, Trump will find some new platform to shout his message into the world. It’s just a matter of if the world will also be on that platform, whatever it’s going to be.

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