Back to work!

So my vacation is over 😭 and this means back to work! It also means that I finally see some folks (virtually) again 🥳. To make things easier, I picked a coding task as my first one for 2021. I think there will never come the day when I won’t enjoy an interesting coding task, and if it’s not interesting by itself, making the implementation more testable sure is!

To freshen things up a little bit I’ve also made some changes to my personal (non-work) journal! The weekly overview is now just a single page anymore while I’m currently considering making the monthly into a spread again (in order to have habit trackers there). I now also have so many different Safari/AL-Star colours (with the matching inks) that I want to have a different secondary colour every week for things like header and highlighting. Perhaps I will eventually expand this also to my work-journal, but we’ll see.

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