Small organisational change at GoGraz

As I hinted at recently, here’s the little change we’re going to make at GoGraz: Dorian (who has organized the events for years now) and I will change places with me taking the lead as organizer of the group. This post is mostly here so that you’re not confused when, all of a sudden, someone else creates those events on πŸ˜‰

Sadly, I’ve fallen off the radar over the last couple of months as the lockdowns have taken their toll. I see this now as a chance for me to get back into the loop and give something back to the community. I also will no longer have an excuse for not attending a meetup.

As for the future and with the situation as it currently is, I want to focus on remote meetups. This gives us the chance (which I just realized a couple of weeks ago) to finally be mostly independent of physical infrastructure. Previously we had to always organize around locations that offered a projector in case we wanted to have presentations. This is no longer the case. Folks are now just more used to systems like Jitsi, Zoom, BigBlueButton etc. so going with any of them (not yet sure which one) will make things much easier!

For February I’ll at least try to prepare one presentation although I’m not sure yet about what topic. Good thing is that I still have a good month to think about that 🀣 If you, for instance, want to give a presentation (10 minutes all the way up to 45 minutes) please let me know!

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