Weeks are getting longer

I have no idea what is going on right now but over the course of the last two weeks I and everyone around me has been more and more on the edge. It seems like we are finally running out of patience; not with the measures against COVID-19 or the governments and politicians that work on those but simply the overall situation of isolation from friends and family. Yes, video calls are great, but I’m really missing those evenings where we could just sit around a table in a nice restaurant, drink some beer, eat some pizza together.

These days will come back. We will - once again - meet each other and explore Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels, Paris, Portland, Prague, … together. We’ll just have to wait some more, be a bit more patient, and protect as many people as possible through masks, vaccines, and treatments.

I’m tired, exhausted, frustrated. None of these feelings will help though, so I’ll replace them with as many small treats as are necessary 🙂

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