Recycle all the things!

The more I look at my environment, the more I start to see things and initiatives that aim to push for recycling of as many resources as somehow possible. When we went for a Chai Latte into the city two weeks ago we noticed that a well-known local coffee house chain was offering their goods not only in those one-way cups but also in closable glass jars that you could return at any of their locations.

The more we order meals with delivery services, the more we also notice that restaurants have started switching away from plastic over to bio-degradable packaging. Honestly, I was shocked when I first noticed that by a chain that was more known for fast-food Schnitzels than high-quality food two years ago.

I’m really glad that we as a society have finally come to the decision that recycling doesn’t have to be a pain and that it’s worth doing! Now I just need to finally not forget preparing my glass-boxes for the next trip to the zero-waste groceries store the next time I take the tram to the city 😫

But at least I use ink bottles instead of cartridges and mechanical pencils 😅

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