This was GoGraz in February

Last night we had our first (own) Go meetup for the community in Graz in 2021! 12 people had signed up and of these, 8 actually showed up πŸ₯³ Since this was a slight reboot of the meetup after the holidays and some lack of energy during the first months of the pandemic I wanted to start this year off with a small talk about some of the nice new features of Go 1.16. That talk was basically a condensed version of these blog posts I wrote over the course of the last weeks:

After my talk, Christoph gave a quick tour of some of the stuff that is currently slated for 1.17 and beyond:

  • Changes to the calling convention including a new register-based implementation
  • Type parameters (as part of the generics feature)
  • More GC stabilisation

Everything works great except for a couple of things related to Jitsi: During my presentation it seemed like my screen share got stuck after a couple of minutes and so I had to re-share every other slide. Also the video and audio quality wasn’t as good as I had expected. For these reasons we might give Zoom a try next time. Details will follow at the latest a couple of days before the next event.

Talking about March: The next meetup is going to take place on March 15, again at 19:00, again online. There might also be some talks. In case you want to present something to our small community, please drop me a mail to!

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