Spring is coming

Today, after work, we made a small bike tour to the city in order to take a quick walk through the Stadtpark (the largest park of Graz). We weren’t the only ones with that idea as we saw quite a few families with small children using the relatively open spaces available for their kids to play and enjoy some fresh air.

We even ran across some smaller gatherings with folks drinking some beverages together but always at a distance. These small meet-ups are great not to lose touch with your friends and co-workers. At work, for example, we have two-week-sprints and today we decided that after each such iteration we would come together in the evening (online), play some games, drink some beer (or something else), and just relax and have some fun.

I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to having a BBQ with some friends again πŸ˜… In the meantime, my partner and I have discovered some nice places along the Mur river which might offer some relaxation once the temperatures have climbed above 15ΒΊC πŸ˜†

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