Kitty Letter: Clash Royale meets Dear Reader

So, Matthew Inman has a new game out and it’s called Kitty Letter. If you’ve played Clash Royale before and are into word-puzzles, this one is for you. I have dumped quite a bit of time into Dear Reader (a word-game on Apple Arcade) and immediate fell for it.

Just as in Clash Royale you’re fighting a single enemy that can (same as you) send kittens on their way to explode into your house (yes, there are lots of references to Exploding Kittens in here). In order to send them out, you have to spell words from a selection of letters. Kittens that march in same lane as your enemies’, they will neutralise each other, otherwise they’ll hit their target.

While that alone sounds found, there are a lot of modifiers and additional tools that you can use to, for instance, vacuum all the kittens in a lane or cut the attacking force in half. So far, the story mode has been great fun! I wasn’t yet brave enough to play it against some stranger online but perhaps I will at least play it against some friends in the future 😅 In the meantime, the story mode and the arcade mode (basically wave after wave of kittens).

It might not be a game that you will play for months and months but I can definitely see myself picking it up every now and then. If I can convince some other folks to play it against me then it might have even more longevity.

Technically, it looks extremely simplistic with the art-style you’d expect from The Oatmeal. Sadly, there are some slowdowns after a lot of rounds but nothing I’d consider a show-stopper. The game also adds a lot of variety thanks to the modifiers and action items so depending on your opponent it can be a really tough challenge!

It’s available for iOS and Android and is free. If you still want to give something back, there are some cosmetic in-app purchases like avatars etc.. Since I had enough fun already, I went for a little bundle that would give me the tacocat as avatar 😉

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