Pine Gap

Over the weekend I’ve been trying to catch up with my show backlog on Netflix et al. While browsing through there I stumbled upon a show from 2018 called “Pine Gap” which immediate caught my eye. It’s a show taking place at the Australian surveillance station Pine Gap which is staffed by Australian and US personelle in order to keep an eye on the South-East Asian region.

I really enjoyed the storyline there which puts Australia in the middle of a growing conflict between the US and China around some disputed sea regions with lots of politics and two hotheaded statesmen 😉 While there is very little direct action in the show, the station gets a first-row seat on pretty much all the operations done by the US and China, so it’s not all just talk!

We managed to plow through all 6 episodes yesterday and really enjoyed them! The season finale was also fulfilling enough yet left some secondary plots open for further exploration. Given that no second season has been announce yet, I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.