Giving some movies a second chance

Sometimes you just have to rewatch a movie in order to appreciate it. A couple of years ago I had watched Netflix’ Spectral and have felt it to be quite underwhelming. Today I saw it again and to my surprise quite enjoyed it. I cannot really explain it but I remembered a totally different ending, as if it had been completely recut since then.

Now I wonder what other movies I might just need to rewatch in order to appreciate. I probably still will never enjoy the Lord of the ring series (awesome movies but simply not for me) but perhaps I should just compile a list of sci-fi movies and comedies that I have bad memories of in order to give them a second chance. Just to name a few:

  • Mars Attack
  • Alien 3
  • Judge Dredd

What are some of your movies that you have bad memories of but are otherwise liked by some of your friends?

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