Tag gardening

Right at the start of the new year Karl Voit wrote about doing some gardening on his blog in order to trim down and update the various tags he’s using. This is something I’ve been pushing up for a really long time. At the time of writing this post, my blog has more than 1,600 tags with many if not most being used only once.

In order to make tags useful to me again, I’ve now started to normalize some (e.g. using books instead of book) but also remove others completely that I simply don’t see any use for anymore. One example here is the tag 23 which was for the photo sharing website 23hq. This site … is still online but didn’t go anywhere nor have I look at or even used it since 2007.

I don’t yet have a real process on how to keep tags well-maintained but perhaps I should just do a yearly review in which I look at all the tags I have and all the posts I have and see how well they fit together at that time. How are you doing that?