Relaxing with LEGO

Yesterday, WritingAtLarge had a nice post about using LEGO in order to relax:

I discovered that legos have become much more sophisticated these days, especially the Ideas and Architecture sets, and that building Legos puts me into a zen like mood that beats anything I’ve been able to achieve with meditation so far.

That has pretty much also been my experience. I built both the Apollo 13 lander and the Saturn V sets last year, each consisting of multiple larger bags that I could split up across multiple evenings. With some interesting podcasts to listen to I could completely zoom out and just enjoy the sets. During that time I felt completely at ease and relaxed, probably even more so than at any other time in 2020.

That post made me look back at those times and immediately go to and order a new set: 21321: International Space Station. This was also the very first time that I ordered something directly from them. The same set would have cost nearly twice as much on Amazon for some reason and so I felt compelled to skip the middle-man πŸ˜… Now I just hope that it arrives soon!