“The Colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett

Back in 2020 Tor had started a Terry Pratchett book club in which they wanted to reread the authors books, starting with the Discworld series.

I had never read any of Pratchett’s books before but had heard only good things about them. My partner also has a couple of German translations and so I thought I should really give them a try (at least once). Since I’m someone who likes to start a series from the very beginning I picked up “The Colour of Magic”, the first book of the Discworld series from 1983 last week … and was more than just pleasantly surprised!

I normally take the long way around anything fantasy simply because I just don’t enjoy medieval settings with knights, wizards, and dragons but this book was something else entirely! In just 278 pages it builds a vibrant world filled with magic, wonders, and just a lot of humour and sarcasm! In some chapters the story even borders on sci-fi and gets a very Douglas Adams-feeling. Yes, there are dragons and wizards but all is very light-hearted (at least for the reader but still very series for the people living on this world)!

I hadn’t expected so much fun here but now I know why so many folks enjoy these books! I’m pretty sure that “The Colour of Magic” won’t have been my last Terry Pratchett book 😀

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