Japanese ink searching for fitting pen

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon an article on The Pen Addict about waterproof inks. I immediately went out to purchase a bottle of Platinum Carbon Black ink which came out rather well in that comparison. Turns out, it’s a bit too wet for the Lamy 2000. After only half a day I had to switch back to good old Parker Quink. Platinum’s ink isn’t as wet as Lamy’s Black-Blue but it’s still enough for some light bleed-through on Leuchtturm paper and it just makes the writing not look like I’d expect with an EF nib.

Platinum Carbon Ink with writing samples

Compared to the Parker ink it also takes longer to dry which makes it not ideal for everyday-writing. That being said, I still really enjoy this ink. It is much darker than Parker Quink Black and just look “stronger”. I think I will next try it with my Kaweco AL Sport, which should benefit for a slightly wetter ink.

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