Et tu, FSFE?

In yesterday’s post I wrote that the FSFE has a more modern image compared to the FSF. I got that impression after seeing them every year at FOSDEM and the Chaos Communication Congress, and also following at least some of their work (e.g. Public Money? Public Code!).

Thanks to this toot by I discovered a plethora of other stories about the organisation regarding how volunteers are treated and the communication style of and treatment of employees in general by some of their management according to various personal accounts.

After reading these and other stories as well as some discussions on Twitter and Mastodon I’ve decided to stop donating to the FSFE. As I wrote yesterday, I think the core values of Free Software are important but there is simply no place (in such a movement or anywhere) for discrimination, sexism, harassment, nor any other form of toxicity. If the FSFE shows or tolerates such behaviour, I don’t want to support them. It also doesn’t help that they haven’t yet commented on RMS returning to the FSF and that they haven’t distanced themselves clearly in 2019.

Let’s see what the future might bring but that’s the way it looks to me right now. Perhaps things will change. I’ll be waiting.

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