Spring is here!

Yesterday, spring finally arrived in Graz. At around 20ºC the parks were full and also the public squares saw lots of visitors who wanted to enjoy the sun and perhaps meet with some friends at a safe distance. This is also what we did yesterday, grabbing some drinks and food from a nearby vendor and going to the park.

Sadly, quite a few people overdid it by meeting up in large groups and not keeping some meters between everyone. In the end, locals repeatedly called the police and so some of the vendors had to close shop for the day despite the owners telling their patrons time and time again that they had to move away from the booths and consume their food and drinks somewhere else.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t blame neither the police nor the shops for the situation. I lay all the blame on those folks who didn’t keep their distance and even after being repeatedly reminded by the police and the shop owners wouldn’t move away from each other. Great job, thank you…