Less waste with take-out

Since restaurants are still closed in Austria apart from offering take-out and delivery a certain part of all the meals I’m consuming comes in boxes either picked up by myself or through a delivery service. The amount of waste these boxes produce is considerable and so I’m always extremely happy when a restaurant cares and uses biodegradable packaging.

Our local supermarket even started to allow that you could bring your own packaging and they’d put cheese, meat, etc. into that instead of using paper and plastic bags. Sadly, I didn’t use that option too often so far simply because I always remember it only once I’m standing in front of the meat counter…

Today I thought to myself, though: Perhaps I could combine these two approaches and went to my local pizzeria downstairs armed with a glass food container and asked if they could put their Tiramisu (one of the best in Graz IMO) into that instead of their plastic packaging. Turns out… this was no issue at all. No raised eyebrows, no nothing. Another reason to love them 😍

And before you ask: No, I couldn’t take a picture because I really wanted that Tiramisu 😁

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