One year with Feedbin

A year ago I made the switch from Feedly to Feedbin. There’s actually not much to report since it’s still working as expected and does all that I want it to do. In January they also added a better rendering for embedded YouTube videos. Since I use my feedreader also to subscribe to YouTube channels, that was a very welcome change!

Embedded YouTube video with additional metadata

Obviously, it’s not a perfect product: I most often just use the “Unread” tab for going through the complete list of all unread news items. If that list is larger than a couple hundred items, then you cannot get it to 0 by simply going from one item to another. I always have to refresh that list at least once in the browser. And this is also the only inconvenience I’ve found in using the service multiple hours every day for the last year.

Outside of this little detail, Feedbin just works and I still love it!

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