Belarus hijacks Ryanair plane

Just think about what happened yesterday. Belarus diverted a Ryanair machine from one EU capital (Athens) to another (Vilnius) 30km before leaving their airspace due a โ€œbomb threatโ€, using a MIG-29. Seven hours after the plane was allowed to take off again but now five passengers were missing. Among them: Blogger and critic of the Belarusian government/regime Roman Protassewitsch.

There have already been a handful reactions like Ursula von der Leyen calling the action an abduction (Der Standard) and the UK have told airplanes to no longer enter Belarusian airspace (The Guardian). There is also a special summit planned for tonight with a uniform reaction to this incident being on the agenda. Honestly? In my opinion EU planes should be told to no longer enter Belarusian airspace and Belarusian airlines should be barred from entering EU airspace. The EU should further demand the release of Mr Protassewitsch.

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