Fugitive Telemetry

Right before completely freaking out due to learning, working, and reading technical literature I thought it was time to read something lighter. Luckily, my backlog isn’t exactly small and since it contained the latest entry in the Murderbot series it was rather easy to find something to relax 😅

The sixth book in the series, “Fugitive Telemetry”, continues in Preservation space with Murderbot trying to determine when the companies might finally start their revenge. All of a sudden, a body is discovered on Preservation Station which might be related. What follows is a very entertaining and (as always) humorous detective story. You won’t learnt all that much new about the universe or Preservation, nor about the main characters from previous books but it was still awesome to be back with SecUnit.

Sadly, the story is more of the length of a typical 42min TV episode instead of a full-length book but if you’ve read any other Murderbot book before (and if you haven’t, then you definitely should), then there should be nothing stopping you from also getting this one. Anybody else: Start with the first book and then refer to the last sentence 😅

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