Resource exhaustion

In 2019 that was the slogan of the 36th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig and to this day I still carry the admittance band. Everybody should know their limits and thereby this kind of attack against themselves.

That being said, it’s just too easy to ignore the warning signs in the hope that whatever is causing them is just temporary. Sadly, it usually never is that easy hence it’s extremely important to manage workload actively. I don’t claim to be an expert on this nor that I always say “no” when I should do so. So thanks to all of that I’m starting to feel that I’m reaching my limits. Plans are getting pushed back, projects don’t see as much progress as I’d want,…

May is in Austria a month with a very high density of public holidays, yet I’m just tired all the time. Heck, I even started to take some naps in the afternoon during weekends but it will probably take some proper “sitting at a lake with a beer” to get completely relaxed once again. Afterwards I hope I’ll be able to be more active again, with more community work for GoGraz and some more frequent blogging.

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