Leuchtturm1917 Edition 120G

A couple of days ago, Leuchtturm1917, the company behind my favourite notebooks right now, announced that they’d now also produce notebooks with a thicker paper which should work better for fountain-pens, markers, and wetter pens in general. (Thanks to u/Anon13785432 for noticing that!)

Usually, their notebooks (up to A5) come with 80 g/m². With the new Edition 120G the paper is now at (as the same implies) 120 g/m². That should fix the one issue I’ve had with my notebooks so far: I couldn’t use any markers and had to be really picky regarding what ink/fountain-pen combination I could use. Judging by the photos on their website the notebooks are now much thicker as they still have 203 pages.

At this point the Edition 120G is only available in A5 hard-cover which is also the main reason I haven’t yet ordered one. I try to move to soft-cover right now but perhaps I might just make a small exception here 🙃 It kind of depends how much I’m going to enjoy the Rhodia notebook (soft-cover, 90 g/m²) I’ve received a couple of months ago but simple haven’t had the time to use yet.

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