Google Cloud Console and Firefox

Note: The two issues I’m complaining about in this post have been resolved by now.

I really enjoy working in Google Cloud Console esp. relative to some other hyperscaler interfaces. Sadly, over the last couple of weeks I’ve started to notice certain areas that simply don’t work in the latest Firefox developer edition version (90beta).

It started with Apigee where pretty much half of the UI is not usable within Firefox, ending up with just blank pages, and now even the billing panels just show an error whenever I try to access them.

Since the panel seems to work in Brave and Safari (the latter on iOS) I can only assume that the issue my be related to some of the more recent changes in Firefox’s security features. Luckily, both issues have been fixed by now (while I was having this post in my draft-drawer) either by someone from Google updating their code or someone on the Firefox side-of-things doing it there. In either case, I’m really happy that I’m actually no longer able to include any screenshots in this post but it still has me worried a little bit.

Both parties are big enough that they should actually test each their respective integrations. I don’t have to use a different browser! This would just be a little bit too year-2000 to me 🤪