Now with 5G

A couple of days ago work started in the courtyard of our apartment complex on some kind of metallic grid/box. At first it looked kind of generic but a day or two later antennas were recognisable as were lots of power lines so we were reasonably sure that this was a mobile network antenna. Today a large mobile crane showed up next to it and it was lifted to the roof of … exactly the building where I’m living in the top-floor.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not worried about (EM) radiation from such a construct and welcome higher mobile bandwidth and lower latency but what really pisses me off right now is the communication policy of the building management company. No information was sent out to people actually living in those apartments that there might be some loud construction work going on in the future. Today from 9 onward (until probably somewhere around 11:30) it was basically impossible to work in our home-office thanks to multiple power-drills working on the roof in parallel. Noise cancelling headphones + volume to the maximum did no longer help and so we fled from our home to the next restaurant to continue working from there.

If we had received a notice even a day in advance, we could have organised some proper office space for the day but this way everything was just crazy.

On the plus-side: Folks in our complex will probably have better reception in the near future. Pretty much everyone but those living in the building itself given the closeness to the antenna. But hurray, there is another antenna box planned for two buildings up north so we might also get something out of it eventually πŸ€ͺ