NPD: Namisu N1 Stealth Black

A couple of days ago, my N1 fountain pen finally arrived after having backed the Kickstarter campaign back in February. I had ordered it with an EF steal nib and everything in “Stealth Black”.

Namisu N1 with Carbon Ink (black)

So far I’ve only tested it with Platinum Carbon Ink (black) but am quite pleased with the result! It’s a tiny bit wetter than a Kaweco Sports EF and somehow comparable to a Lamy Safari regarding the ink flow. It has a satisfying solid but not heavy feel to it and I love the feedback you get when plugging it close again thanks to three rubber rings that handle the sealing.

Posted the pen can be significantly longer than the Kaweco or even shorter

I already started this post by comparing the N1 with a Kaweco Sports, so let’s continue from there. It is slightly smaller when closed and also when posted. You can be a bit more flexible with the length here as the cap is straight and you can move the pen quite far into it but also keep it far out thanks to the rubber rings. The pen itself is around 10cm long, again similar to the Kaweco.

The pen without cap is only slightly longer than 10cm.

To sum it up, I like the N1 a lot! Thanks to its slightly wetter feed I now finally have a pocket pen that works with Carbon Ink. With the Kaweco it just dries out too quickly (after a day or less) which makes that combination unreliable. Regarding the material, I prefer the feel of the Kaweco AL Sports but the N1 feels equally solid and the sealing is more reliable for when I carry the pen around in my pocket. Especially with something like Carbon Ink I don’t want to have any accidents 😅 That combined with the rock-solid clip makes the N1 a great pocket fountain pen for the price 🙂

(P.S.: The photos are sadly slightly distorted. The left end of the pen always sits at 0cm.)