Straat Museum in Amsterdam

One of the highlights of our journey to Amsterdam was a trip to the NDSM, a district formerly dedicated to shipyards, docks, and warehouses and now full of alternative restaurants, art galleries, and office space in the north of the city. There we stumbled upon the Straat Museum. Opened just a couple of years ago the former warehouse is now dedicated to street art and graffiti.

Part of the exhibition as seen from the second floor
Every piece of art has its own multi-meter-wide wall, taking up as much space as it needs, filling every wall of the building. Most of the time there is even a second level of artworks going up all the way to the roof of the warehouse. In one corner there is a huge wood construction acting as entrance but also offering a way to the second floor. That’s also where a really nice café is located offering a view over the whole exhibition.

In short: Straat Museum is awesome and if you visit Amsterdam, you should definitely go there! Just take the ferry from Centraal to NDSM!