New burger restaurant in Graz: Le Burger

On Friday we had a big internal deployment at work (yes, it was Friday, and yes it made sense this way). Once everything was done and working, a co-worker and I went to a new burger restaurant in town called “Le Burger”, which had just opened the day before. I have to confess, I was just too curious not to go there 😉

Originally from Vienna, Le Burger has around 10 restaurants mostly in Vienna but now also in Linz, Wiener Neustadt, Graz, and even one in Dubai. What makes them interesting is that they not only offer burgers but also have a small selection of steaks and bowls on their menu. This way folks who are not in the mood for meat in buns can also accompany you 😅 There’s also a nice selection of vegan and vegetarian burgers which I plan to try in the future, not to mention a decent choice of beers!

At my first trip there I just had a Farmhouse Burger which they interpreted as cheeseburger with bacon, mushrooms, and egg. While the meat IMO isn’t at the same level as the one offered by Freigeist, the rest was delicious. Due to some minor delays at the kitchen we also got some free fries (I’m pretty sure we got those because it was the opening week) which were perfectly crispy. My friend had a small chicken steak with coleslaw which turned out to be slightly too sweet for both of our tastes.

The service was extremely friendly and fast but there’s still a bit of coordination missing. I’m confident, though, that they’ll get there. The prices are slightly lower than at Freigeist but we are still in the same ball-park. I think both have more or less the same audience but personally I think I’ll prefer Le Burger in the long run. The seats are far more comfortable and are inviting to spend more than an hour there. I’m pretty sure they’ll soon see me again!