GDN, GoBridge, and Exercism

Right after this month’s GoGraz event there was also another GDN event hosted by GoBridge. The focus this time was on a new partnership between Exercism and GoBridge/GDN, making the platform the new “official” tool for mentoring for GoBridge and the GDN.

During the event Jeremy Walker, the co-founder of Exercism presented the platform, its tools for people learn new languages and also the mentoring features. I’ve been a member there for many years and whenever I want to play around with a different language, I entered the respective track there. Sadly, I didn’t have time to look into the new version (v3) before the GDN event and therefore I hadn’t seen the new reputation-system (basically bonus points you get whenever you contribute to the community) nor everything that has been built for people who want to help other coders to become better at the language.

Oh, and you no longer have to use an offline coding environment to work on the exercises but can us a web-editor to make your changes and run the tests! According to Walker there is even currently a new iteration of the teams-platform in the works which will enhance that editor with online-collaboration features. And yes, I’m (once again) really excited about Exercism!

If you want to see the whole presentation, it has been recorded and is now available on YouTube.