One ticket for all public transportation in Austria

Since 2021-10-26 Austria has a new ticket that you can use for every single public transport service including the trains by the ÖBB, local services offered by Graz Linien and Wiener Linien. That so-called “Klimaticket” is available at train stations and also many local transportation offices for € 1095 per year. Even CNN had an article about that 😀

Right now I have a bonus card of the ÖBB for € 66 per year which give me around 50% discount on most tickets. Additionally, I have a yearly ticket for Graz which costs € 315 per year. The city offers some really nice extras for yearly ticket holders: Access to their car-sharing service without the monthly fee and also multiple times a year being able to take someone else without onto the trams and busses in the evening.

While investigating the Klimaticket we ran into some hints that none of these two offerings were also available for Klimaticket-owners. Luckily, this afternoon I stumbled upon this FAQ by Graz Linien where “Bim for two” and TIM (the car-sharing service) are actually included with TIM only available to people living in Graz.

Since my currently yearly ticket will expire early next year, I’m thinking really hard if I want to make the switch. Being able to travel everywhere in Austria without paying extra will be especially interesting again once our COVID numbers are looking better again. Yes, € 1095 is a lot of money, but I think it could fundamentally change the way I travel around Austria.

The only service that doesn’t seem to be included is that you can take your bike with you for free on trains. That being said, I only use that very rarely and then it’s not expensive, so I can live with that.