rC3 tickets available!

For anyone who has some time to spare between 2021-12-27 and 2021-12-30 (besides liking tech or security or privacy topics) there will once again be the online version of the yearly Chaos Communication Congress happening! Due to COVID-19 it was not possible to do the event in person but last year’s rC3 was so amazing that I cannot wait for this year’s edition!

Tickets are now available on https://tickets.events.ccc.de/RC3-21/! The standard ticket is free but if you want to financially support the organisers there’s also a supporter ticket where you can pay as much as you like (but please more than just €1 😉).

All talks will be available also without a ticket but then you won’t be able to join the complete experience. Last year there was a whole online-world with local community events and more, so it’s definitely recommended to get a ticket! Note that the ticket does not come with waffles and a crate of Flora Power. These you’ll have to buy on your own 😅

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