After-hour conferences are madness

Over the last week GopherCon was happening again and I thought I could attend at least some of the talks there. Given the timezone difference there was also no clash with my normal office hours but that also turned out to be the main issue in the end.

Working for 8-10 hours each day and then at 5pm moving over to watching talks happening in the US until midnight was just not manageable. At least on Wednesday and Thursday I got until 22:00 with my energy level but yesterday the stress of the work-week hit me with its full force, effectively sending me out of the live-stream at 19:00 and then straight to bed (by way of the living room couch) at 20:00. I think next time I’ll just take these days off and sleep until noon to have enough energy for the night-shift… well, if the next time will be remote again.

I’m just a bit sad now because it was my first conference in a while and I really enjoyed most of the talks there. Obviously, I can still watch most of them in post but it’s not the same as having the speaker available in a live-chat to ask questions.

As for the conference itself, I will most likely do a quick write-up once I’m done with all the talks that I still have on my to-watch list. Luckily, I already saw most of them except for the late-night (European time) sessions 😅