rC3: Time to relax

As with last year, rC3 (the remote chaos experience) marks the end of the Christmas travels and the start of the truly relaxing part of the holidays for me. Between the 27th and the 30th of December many German and international hacker spaces are hosting tons of talks and workshops around security and IT topics.

At the time of writing this I already had some highlights:

After some issues in the beginning, access to the revived rc3.world was unlocked at noon. It’s once again beautiful and after running around for just a few minutes it feels more snappy in Firefox compared to last year 😍

It was also once again time to start my IRC client to connect to the hackint.org network which I hadn’t known before. Turns out it’s managed by the Chaos Computer Club Darmstadt so it’s just fitting that pretty much every group that is part of rC3 also has a channel there where you can ask questions around the live talks.

And now, if you’d excuse me, I have to move on to a definitely awesome talk by Bianca Kastl about digitalisation within the public health system of Germany.