Fighting the curse of knowledge by learning SwiftUI

This morning I finally read an article by Sarah Maddox about the connection between the “curse of knowledge” and “imposter syndrome”:

If we’ve forgotten how much we’ve learned over a period of time, it’s all too easy to think other people know so much more than us. … The more experience we gain, the more we forget how much we know.

I’m currently trying (once again) to get into Swift and SwiftUI since I want to improve some of my workflows I have while away from my laptop. Both of these technologies come with their own eco-system that feels like a world completely different from what I’m usually working with (mostly Go, NodeJS, Python, …).

This has shown me just how much I actually know about my usual eco-systems. I know which questions to ask, how to structure my code, where to look for proper architectural patterns. Learning all of that from the ground up again for the Swift eco-system makes me somehow like a mix of a newcomer and an expert. I know pretty much much things to look for but have no clue what so ever what the proper answer might even look like.

This is extremely exciting for me right now so I want to apologise in advance for posting some of my experience getting into native macOS/iOS development over the next couple of months 😉

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