Doctor Who Series 12: Not the best but I loved it

I know, I’m late by more than a year but during the last week of my winter vacation I finally managed to watch series 12 of Doctor Who (2005). Haven’t watched anything in British English (with various accents and dialects) for quite a while it was also the first time that I at least started off watching it with subtitles. I try not to feel embarrassed 🙈

Anyway, I have some very mixed feeling about this season: The acting was, as always, with few exceptions great. I also really enjoyed the overall story and liked every single episode-story. The episode-scripts on the other hand, though, weren’t that great in my opinion. Everything felt rushed with the exception of the last two episode which had the depth and gravitas I’d have expected from at least some other episodes.

The series offers some more insights into the backstory of the Doctor and the Master so if you like Doctor Who, don’t skip this season. If you’re new to the show, don’t start with this one 🙃


I absolutely loved the end of the season with the Master taking over the Cybermen and creating a new race combining Time Lords and Cybermen. That being said, while think Sasha Dwahan is a great Master, Michelle Gomez as Missy was just a completely different league. Something else that I really didn’t like about this season is the guest appearance by John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness. His acting there was just completely over the top and the whole scene was just downright weird.