GopherCon 2022 announced

Just a couple of weeks after 2021 we now know the date and place for this year’s edition of GopherCon US: It will take place between September 25 and September 28 in The Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Florida. I guess the first two days will again be full of workshops while the talks will take place on September 27 and 28. I hope there’s also going to be a coding sprint/hackathon either before or after the main event.

For now, there is already a call-for-papers going on on PaperCall until March 6! The early bird sale has also already started with tickets being available for US$ 695.

I cannot tell you how much I’d like to attend this event! GopherCon plus Disney World just sounds too good! Flying to Florida for only two days is a bit much. If I decide to do that, I’ll probably pad it with some other activities. This sounds like a good opportunity for some beach holiday 😁