Across the alps with train and bike

Last week we traveled using the EC 164 train (aka “Transalpin”) from Graz to Zurich stopping at Feldkirch on our way to Lake Constance for some bicycling. What makes that train so special is that it doesn’t take any shortcuts offering you a lot of nice landscape to look at. It also doesn’t pass through Germany and so the whole trip is covered by the “Klimaticket” 😉 The bikes were not free, though, but cost around €10 each and direction. For that we got a reserved place within the freight carriage.

The upside there, for getting the bike in there’s a nice wide door. The downside? No ramp and the usual hooks for storing the bikes vertically. I guess that’s the only downside of e-bikes: They weigh a lot and lifting them about 1.50m into the train and then hooking them up inside the freight compartment was actually quite tedious. Luckily, they stayed in there for nearly 8 hours and in Feldkirch and there I had help by a friendly train attendant.

Until then, the seats were comfortable and there were power outlets under each arm rest. Not bad for an EuroCity! Everything considered it was a really nice trip! I just wish it had been on a Railjet, but you cannot have everything but we definitely had nice weather 😉

More on biking around in the Lake Constance area probably in another post!

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