NPD: rOtring 800 mechanical pencil

It’s been a while but this Wednesday was finally a “new pen day” (NPD) again! I’ve grown scared of putting my trusted Kuru Toga pencil directly into my backpack and also tired of carrying an extra pencil-case with me all the time. For this reason I started looking around for mechanical pencils that had a way to retract the lead.

rOtring 800 with packaging

After reading about the new Kuru Toga Dive I absolutely wanted to have one. Two months later with no information if it will ever actually reach Europe I’ve chosen plan-B: A rOtring 800. This one has an extremely sleek design with some nice golden elements and - “drum-roll” - a retraction mechanism that looks and feels quite solid! And yes: I already miss the auto-sharpening system that makes the Kuru Togas so special but I can live with having to manually rotate my pencil every now and then 😅

After a day of usage it feels great. So far I also haven’t noticed the wobble that many other folks complained about. The Kuru Toga had much more on that front… ok, at only a fraction of the price 🙃 So: 👍👍 for now!

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