Watched: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

I cannot help myself but I really preferred Moon Knight over the latest Doctor Strange movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Right after finishing the show I went to the cinema with friends and family and … simply didn’t enjoy the movie at all.

Plot-wise Stephen Strange meets a girl (America Chavez) who seems to come from a different universe and who can move between them by accident. Wanda tries to get that power in order to move into a universe where she is a mother and does pretty much anything for that including killing everyone else in various universes and also the version of herself that already is a mother.

Sam Raimi has produced a movie out of this that is partially horror/zombie-movie, partially superhero movie. Some of that works but, sadly, not all that much for me. In the end I wasn’t even sure what the writers wanted to tell me here. Strange and Chavez moving from universe to universe to escape Wanda without actually building all that much cohesive story around her other than that she has two mothers that got sucked into different universes and her not having found them yet. Then there are battle scenes that are mostly inconsequential, then there are universes that are already completely gone,…

Leah Schnelbach over at has written an excellent summary that also completely matches my experience. Same like her, I only enjoyed those parts of the movie that were dark and where Sam Raimi went all the way towards making this about zombies and leaving the unnecessary complexity of the MCU for a couple of minutes. There is even a brief Bruce Campbell cameo as a Pizza vendor in another universe 😁

Sadly, I simply cannot recommend Doctor Strange 2. If you want to get some good Marvel story, get yourself a Disney+ subscription or trial account and watch Moon Knight instead. At this point I think the whole MCU is just getting too convoluted for me to enjoy.

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