PlayStation 5 arrived!

Iโ€™ve waited for a very long time for this day but today it has finally come: At noon I got a call from a local electronics store that my PlayStation 5 has arrived. As I wrote here, last week I was able to pre-order it with the promise that Iโ€™d get it within the month. So this afternoon we rode our bikes down to Seiersberg and picked up my order, an additional controller (just in case anybody ever wants to play with me), and a copy of Deathloop which was just a very attractive price right now.

And now the fun part started. The PS5 has a really large box: around 50x50x20 cm which is much larger than even my largest backpack. Luckily, we came prepared with two pannier bags that we could then use as a foundation to strap the box down on:

PS5 box mounted on two pannier bags over the rear wheel of a bike

5km later and the box was safely home and the unboxing fun started!

PlayStation 5 box with additional controller and the games Deathloop, GT7, and Horizon Forbidden West

A couple minutes later I started playing Astroโ€™s Playroom, a small game by Sony that is bundled with every PS5 in order to demonstrate the controllers features. It was really fun but I mostly played it in order to hide the waiting time until Horizon: Forbidden West was installed ๐Ÿ˜…

Now Iโ€™m about 30 minutes into the game and itโ€™s just as amazing as the first part just on a much more powerful hardware! Good thing that the weekend still has another day left ๐Ÿ˜

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