TIL: Do not fly with TWSBI Diamond bottles

I had somehow expected to require a bit more ink during my vacation and so I had put one of my Diamond bottles into the hand luggage. Turns out, it was good that I had wrapped it with some cloth and secured it with a plastic bag before putting everything into a dry bag.

Two of the three defenses failed and so the dry bag was rather blue when I opened it the next morning 😬 My assumption right now is that the extra hole below the outer cap, that is there to prevent overpressure, leaked the ink due to the pressure difference in the air and the outer cap couldn’t contain it.

30 minutes later and the hotel bathroom and all my pens and bottles were clean again… For the flight home I’ve now acquired some extra tape 😩 As for the future I will just take “normal” bottles with me and not the fancy quick-refill ones πŸ€ͺ

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