SEEED in Vienna

Last weekend I’ve been to my first concert in a long time! Back in 2019 I had gifted my partner tickets to the City of Sound event in Graz with Seeed and Fettes Brot. Then Corona came and that event got moved from summer of 2020 to 2021 and from Graz to Vienna, Krieau. To actually nobody’s surprise Corona was still a topic in 2021 and so the event was moved again by a year to 2022 and from Krieau to Stadthalle.

So, with a delay of 2 years, last weekend was finally our chance to see Seeed live and they were awesome! Fettes Brot was no longer part of the line-up but now we heard Fritz Kalkbrenner. That mix worked out amazingly! Kalkbrenner warmed up the crowd with great dance beats and Seeed then continued with some of their old and new hits all in a non-stop medley.

What pleasantly surprised me that the live performance was much more rock & drum’n base’y than their studio tracks which are mostly reggae & dancehall sounds. Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed a live performance so much before!