This was GoGraz in September

The summer break is over and GoGraz is back! For this month’s meetup we had originally planned to just do a small in-person meeting at Lendplatz but it turned out too cold; dry but simply too cold! Since it was not yet time for mulled wine we opted for a nice table in the basement of the nearby restaurant Scherbe.

While the acoustics weren’t the best (ok, they were pretty bad actually) I gave a brief introduction into OpenPolicyAgent and how you can use it to define and act upon policies for various systems. It was mostly improvised as I obviously didn’t have projector at hand but I hope I got at least some of the benefits of the system across. If you want to take a look at what I’ve presented on Monday, you can find the repository including a demo implementation, some Markdown “slides” and more on zerok/gograz-presentations-opa on GitLab.

We also had a few new faces which led to some great discussions around the unique characteristics of Go and possible integration paths with other environments as it’s done, for instance, using cgo by the wails project. Also a couple of learning avenues were mentioned like the good-old Tour of Go and I also expressed my wish that there should be something like Rustlings but for Go 😅

As an organiser my primary take-away from Monday is that I should definitely invest more time in planning for various weather scenarios. I had somehow hoped that “not raining” would also mean “warm enough” but that was wrong that late in the year. I’m not yet sure how we will handle in-person events in the future but except for some mulled wine-themed meetup, it will have to be either in a restaurant with a proper table reservation or a meeting room at a co-working space (or something similar).

For those of you who came on Monday, I want to thank you very much and once again apologise for the “controlled amount” of chaos in our organisation 😅