Review: Aparthotel Adagio Paris Nation

Finding a good and affordable hotel for Paris is always a bit of a challenge, especially when you want to have one that is at least somehow within the Boulevard Périphérique. This year we tried the Aparthotel Adagio Paris Nation, which belongs to Accor, the company you probably know from their Ibis, Novotel or Mercure hotels.

The hotel was only about a minute away from the Pl. Félix Eboué which gave us quick access to metro lines 6 and 8. There were also some really nice cafés (more on one of them in another post) and bakeries there and even a mid-size Auchan!

We booked a normal room which basically gave us a small apartment with a bedroom and a living room + kitchen separated by a large sliding door. Everything was rather functional but worked and at least looked modern. Nothing in there gave us the impression that it had been built to last or to be exceedingly comfortable. It was pretty much what you’d expect in the mid-scale in Paris. Another good indicator of this was that there was no sealing material on the door frames, so closing them quietly was nearly impossible.

Since we were three we also used the couch as third bed which can be extended to a double bed. Duvets and pillows for all beds were stowed away in a wardrobe, neatly packaged. There were also instructions printed on a piece of paper for how to use the couch as bed. Cleaning material etc. was also available but only very little toilet paper, which went to the top of our shopping list for the first day.

The one major gripe we had with this hotel was the cleanliness. The floors were either not cleaned properly or using some cleaning agent that made it feel sticky. It’s just weird when you leave the shower and really try to treat the floor as lava.

Adagio Aparthotels are usually not cleaned during a stay. Imagine our surprise when we came back one day and found a large shoe print next to our bed with lots of dirt that definitely didn’t belong to any of our shoes. When we contacted the very friendly front desk, they told us that this was most likely the janitor but couldn’t go into any details as to why. They also invalidated all key cards to our room which is even weirder if they say it was the janitor… (and I’m pretty sure it was really the janitor since nothing was missing, but it would have been awesome to find a note or something that someone entered the room and for what reason).

Check-in and check-out went flawlessly. Since we arrived quite late in the evening we were very happy to purchase some snacks and drinks at the front desk. Good selection of soft-drinks and beers at a fair price! We didn’t book the breakfast since we wanted to have that at a proper Parisian café 🙂

Concluding, I’d give this hotel something around a 2 out of 5 points. It was pretty much the definition of “OK” the floor and someone entering the apartment without notice are just not something I’m expecting in this price tier. 15 Ter Rue Lamblardie, 75012 Paris, France

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