Damn good dumplings, really!

While on our way to Sous Bois, a Traveler’s Company partner shop in Vienna, we stumbled upon a tiny dumplings restaurant called “ballroom 1070 - damn.good.dumplings”. On the inside there is place for only about 6 people but if the weather is fine, there are also some tables on the outside. The weather was definitely not fine on that day and so we stayed inside and enjoyed the heating while browsing the menu. The restaurant offers vegan and non-vegan dumplings in servings from 6 to 12. If you want, you can also pick them as a combo which will also include something to drink and a side (edamame, coleslaw, …).

Berlin Ball (left), Yazuka Ball (right)

We had one 9-dumplings combo of “Berlin Ball”, a vegan version with mushrooms etc., and one of “Yakuza Ball” with prawns. Both were extremely delicious and nicely decorated with herbs and vegetables! We also had “Edamame Classic” as a side which was a really huge serving of still hot edamame with sea salt flakes.

A medium-size (9 dumplings) combo cost € 9.50 + € 4.30 which was more than fair for what we got!

The only downside of ballroom 1070 is that there is so little room in there and no toilet, but there’s also another location (ballroom 1090) which should have both and which we might try on our next trip to Vienna! That being said, we had a great meal at ballroom 1070 and the staff was extremely friendly and fast 🙂

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