Preparing for FOSDEM 2023

This year it’s finally again time for an in-person FOSDEM in Brussels! The 2-day event is going to take place on Feb 4 and Feb 5 at the ULB Solbosch campus and hopefully tons of people will be there again! Sadly, my own travel party will be much smaller than in 2020 but life happens.

That being said, my preparations are mostly done by now: I’ve booked a hotel already a couple of months ago and since today I also has a flight there! Originally, I wanted to at least partially go by train but that turned out not to be practical. Hopefully next year!

I’ve also updated the FosdemToGo application for iOS so that you can now see the 2023 schedule in it. At least once it’s through the review process!

All that’s left to do is wait three more weeks 😫