Five cents on Ivory

Ever since Twitter went down the sewer I thought what I’d do about Tweetbot. It was actually the only way I could imagine myself using the platform for a long time and once Twitter banned all third-party apps I decided to keep paying for it until Tapbot releases a Mastodon app.

That day came last Wednesday when Ivory hit 1.0 and made it at least briefly onto the startpage of the iOS AppStore. Many people started using it and even more probably wondered, if Ivory is worth the money. For me, personally, Ivory offers one thing above all: polish. If you’re looking for innovative features inside of Ivory, you probably won’t find all that much. There are also still tons of features left of the roadmap that TapBots plan to implement. Once thing that it offers right now, though, is a timeline sync across all devices. At this point it uses its own proprietary solution through iCloud and not Mastodon’s markers API (at least yet, and neither has IceCubes right now), though.

Surprisingly, the killer feature for me right now is that Ivory does not have those “Show more” buttons for when you didn’t update the timeline for a while and a lot happened since then. I want to see all the toots and not worry about how to click that button in order not to end up in a weird place on the timeline.

I’m really looking forward to when the app has all the features listed on the roadmap and when new things will appear on it 🙂

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